Bianor’s Story

Together We Grow


The Fire of Youth

Two boys, Kosta Jordanov and Nickolay Rashev, start working with what they have – mathematical minds, two PCs, and a passion for coding. A company called Arexus comes to life. The same year IBM steps in Sofia, and Arexus is among the first subcontractor companies to work on service projects of the American giant.


Framfab Bulgaria

Arexus sells half of the business to the prominent Swedish IT consultant – Framfab.



Due to the Dot-com crisis, Framfab withdraws from the Bulgarian market. The Bulgarian management buys back their shares, and Bianor is founded. The team is the same as in 1998.



Bianor works actively in Mobile, Wireless, and Telecommunications fields, developing: i-mode and Brew since 2002.


We add projects on Symbian to the portfolio. World-class quality standards. Bianor is ISO certified. ISO 9001 is one of the most respected and relied-upon management tools worldwide.

The Subsidiary

Nextborn is founded – a Bianor’s subsidiary focusing on web design. Bianor holds 80% of the shares. Bianor adds projects on Blackberry to the portfolio.



Bianor lists on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange as Bianor Holding. The capital is invested in new products’ R&D. One of these products is the future OTT streaming platform FITE.

The US Presence

Bianor Inc. is founded as a US subsidiary in which Bianor Holding keeps 75% of the shares. Bianor’s subsidiary, an e-commerce platform, Nay-Mag is founded. Bianor holds 66% of the shares.

Innovative Enterprise of the Year

Bianor receives the Innovative Enterprise of the Year Award from the president of the Republic of Bulgaria. The company adds projects on iOS and Android to the portfolio.

Growth & Bravery

Bianor masters the Build-Operate-Transfer business model. The company builds the Bulgarian branch of Comptel (now part of Nokia). The second on the list is the TechniData (now part of SAP) Bulgarian unit.

Top Product

Bianor gets the Long Island Software Award and is the Top Product Winner. The same year Bianor is also LISTnet LISA 2009 winner.

More Awards

The succession of awards continues with MOBIP – Most Promising Product Award.

And More…

Bianor is NJTC Mobile Media Contest Winner for the company’s RnD passion. The streaming to shared TVs app gains speed and recognition.

Let’s Stream

iMediaShare is founded. The major shareholder is Bianor Holding, with 75% in the company, soon becoming Flipps Media. iMediaShare shows excellent potential and wins Forbes Business Awards for Best Starting Company. Bianor’s subsidiary Bianor Inc. patents the technological concept used in the mobile application iMediaShare. The USPTO issues the patent, number 8238887.

The Future of Streaming

Bianor Holding is the major shareholder in Flipps Media Inc., registered in the US. The technology for multimedia streaming to connected devices is under focused development and funding (including investment from Earlybird Digital East Fund 2012 SCA SICAR, The Timothy C. Draper Living Trust (the legendary Silicon Valley investor), Aslanoba Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi, LAUNCHub Partners.


Тrustworthy Expertise

Bianor becomes part of one of the largest and most comprehensive NATO projects in recent years – the Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS). The company works on video recognition, object tagging, and patterns analysis, compliant with NATO STANAG 7023 & STANAG 4609 data standards certification.
Bianor is AQAP certified.


Extending the Streaming Competence

Bianor’s expertise in video streaming solutions brings clients from among the most prominent names in the media industry, the biggest satellite broadcasting company, and one of the largest TV providers in the SEE region.


Innovation in the EU Defense

Bianor participates in major EU defense industry projects as part of the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP).

Ingenious new projects

Working on an extensive video streaming solution for one of the largest multi-platform media and technology companies in Bulgaria and initiating several new defense industry ventures.


Network of Partners

Building new tech partnerships with industry leaders such as the global video streaming service provider Brightcove and fostering collaboration with current partners and nurturing knowledge exchange.