Bianor Wins Clutch Award for Best Software Testing Company

Due to Bianor’s high-level solutions and engagements, the company was recently recognized during the esteemed Clutch 2021 Leaders Award!

Known for our unending pursuit for excellence and innovation, Bianor is a Sofia, Bulgaria-based software development company.We have more than 20-year experience in building custom IT solutions. Since 1998, we’ve had the opportunity to work with countless companies in the technology, media, telecommunications, and defense industries.

Clutch Top Developer Badge
Due to our high-level solutions and engagements, Clutch has recently recognized Bianor during its esteemed 2021 Leaders Award!

If you’re not familiar, Clutch is a fast-emerging B2B review and market research platform that covers various industries worldwide. Every year, Clutch’s awards cycle celebrates and commemorates the standout service providers and honors them badges to showcase their dominance. The platform’s 2021 research officially found that among all Bulgarian software testing companies, Bianor is the leader!

“We are so glad to have been recognized as a leading software development and software testing company by such a renowned business portal such as” — Ivan Dimitrov, Bianor CEO

The entire Bianor team wants to thank everyone who supported us through thick and thin, especially our clients who trusted us with their businesses. This Clutch milestone is a reflection of our success as a service provider and our clients’ success.

On that note, we also want to give a special thanks to our clients who generously reviewed our services on Clutch! Without your phenomenal reviews, our team would not have achieved such a feat.

“They had a great attitude, and we always felt like a priority. If we went with a bigger service provider, we may not have gotten the same level of service. Bianor really cared about us as a client.” — Founder, Flowers-Software GmbH

“I appreciate the fact they provided excellent service regardless of how small our project or how much we’re paying them. I know we’re a small customer—we don’t impact their bottom line that much—but they’ve taken our work seriously and treated us like serious customers, which I appreciate.” — Co-Founder, BIORITHM

Work with recognized experts! Work with Bianor! Reach out to our team and tell us all about your project. We’re genuinely stoked to hear from you.