Bianor Thrives at GoodFirms for Offering End-To-End Custom Software Solutions: Ivan Dimitrov

Incorporated in 1998 and headquartered in New York, Bianor is a prominent software development organization. For 21 years, the company’s experts have been designing and exhibiting unique software solutions for leading technology, media, and telecommunication corporations. Moreover, Bianor is NATO AQAP 2110 & 2210, and ISO 9001:2015 certified, and has also twice been awarded the Innovative Enterprise of the Year Award and the LISA Top Product Award, among other entrepreneurs’ recognitions.

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Bianor engages highly skilled staff in its New York and Sofia offices. The team is driven to apply the best in class video technology to produce satisfying experiences and empower clients’ businesses. Moreover, at Bianor, the experts set their standards high and then give their best to exceed them by creating elegant solutions that redefine video streaming.

Managing over more than a decade, Bianor has offered services to some leading companies in technology, media, telecommunications, and defense industry. The team has catered to clients ranging from start-ups to medium-sized companies and authorized corporations serving various industry niches.

Moreover, the dedicated software engineers support clients’ business to produce reliably cutting-edge solutions. Bianor’s culture stands for commitment, understanding clients’ aims, references, and clear-cut action to deliver software solutions with finesse. The organization also gives more focus on core principles, which include transparency, work-ethics, assurance, perfection, and communication while partnering with any client.

The GoodFirms team reached out to Ivan Dimitrov, the CEO of Bianor, in which he shares how the business was launched and gained success with its robust services. To create software solutions that bring real value to the users, Bianor was incepted by two young software engineers. Their primary purpose was to empower people worldwide to communicate visually, involve, collaborate, and savor technologies tailored to their needs.

Ivan reiterates that Bianor is focused on delivering, hitting targets, fulfilling promises, and, most importantly, putting the clients in the center of the vortex. Holding 20 years of software development expertise, Bianor renders software outsourcing services to start-ups and small & medium-sized enterprises. The company acknowledges its clients’ requirements by offering exemplary services backed by knowledge, market awareness, technical expertise, and talented professionals.

Bianor holds different clients, such as clients from IT companies – software product developers, Telcos, and Digital Media. Furthermore, the team begets a unique niche specialization in developing software solutions for the Defense Industry. Over the few years, Bianor has focused a lot on video streaming and live broadcasting solutions, which attracts clients with such product requirements, regardless of their industry.

Moreover, the expert team covers the entire software life-cycle right from concept proposal to marketing consultancy, execution, and support to quickly adjust to the current market dynamics. The in-house team also strives to fulfill the clients’ specific needs and improve their practices based on project requirements.

Further, Ivan explains that “Sometimes the back-end is much more complicated than the front-end, and we invest more time developing. But in some cases, the team needs a smooth interface and impeccable user experience, which turns the front-end into a priority directing more efforts on it.” The collegiate unit firmly believes in hard work and dedication; hence, their ultimate aim is to make clients’ projects succeed most cost-effectively. With reliable and authentic solutions, expert engineers have completed many projects successfully.

The review display-below confirms the quality of software developed at Bianor.


Apart from software development services, Bianor holds the talent that can help clients’ teams to tap into new technologies and specific domain expertise quickly by providing them extra hands for their resource-intensive projects.

At Bianor, the hand-picked experts genuinely understand clients’ business challenges and help them solve those without accruing further recruitment, infrastructure, and operational costs. Moreover, Bianor’s dedicated team solely focuses on clients’ business and serves as an extension to their respective organizations. Thus, quickly responding to market developments and clients’ needs without losing momentum or vision, the experts earn the label of the top IT services company in Bulgaria at GoodFirms.

Thus, having gone through the conversation between the CEO and interviewer, one can also look at the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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