Bianor’s Family Grows with Two More Members

ITIDO and Databreathe join Bianor Holding to complement the group’s competence

Bianor Holding Acquisition - press release banner

Sofia, Bulgaria, 16.03.2023 – Bianor Services’s publicly traded parent company “Bianor Holding” AD (BSE: BNR), announced the acquisition of 100% of “ITIDO Technologies” OOD and “Databreathe” EOOD. With the implementation of this deal, the group already consists of four subsidiaries – Bianor Services, Bianor Inc., ITIDO, and Databreathe.

The deal comes as a fulfillment of the earlier this year announced strategy to complement the organic growth of the business with the consolidation of other software companies. As a result, the subsidiaries will be able to collaborate easier, exchange know-how, consolidate each other’s competencies, and provide a complete service to their customers.

“We are very excited to welcome the teams of ITIDO and Databreathe to Bianor’s group,” said Ivan Dimitrov, CEO at Bianor Services. “Both companies complement the group’s technological expertise, which will allow us to take part in more sophisticated projects in the field of defense and data flow processing, in which Bianor Services specializes,” added Dimitrov.

ITIDO is a sustainable, fast-growing, professional Bulgarian company specializing in web and mobile software product development and services. During the nine years in the market, the company has partnered with large customers such as Nokia and Bosch and numerous product startups in Scandinavia and Germany.

Databreathe specializes in machine learning and artificial intelligence and works on dozens of projects, from sales analytics and forecasting to intelligent, personalized product recommendation systems. The company’s primary market is the US.

The newly joined companies retain their brand, management, strategy, team, and focus and will operate as independent subsidiaries of Bianor Holding.