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Bianor Adds Two More Defense Industry Projects to Its Portfolio

The software development company is part of two new consortiums financed by the European Defense Fund

Sofia, Bulgaria, 03.08.2022 – The Bulgarian software developer – Bianor is again among the European Defense Fund’s projects finalists. The EDF has just announced the results for 2021 calls for proposals. Bianor is part of two approved projects, becoming the only Bulgarian software development company involved in several EDF-sponsored consortiums.

The new projects planned to start in the fall of 2022 are FaRADAI and EU-GUARDIAN.

FaRADAI stands for Frugal learning for rapid adaptation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. The project coordinator is the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas from Greece. Among the partners in the consortium are the Spanish defense industry leader Indra, the French technology innovator Thales, the Italian aerospace and defense technology provider Leonardo and the German defense technology group Rheinmetall.

The project focuses on frugal learning. Frugal learning is the system’s ability to adapt and learn from its environment, including from user supervision, for a reasonable cost and without intervention from expert developers. Unlike conventional AI, where the system uses massive data to learn and adapt, in frugal AI, the system learns from a minimal amount of data. The FaRADAI project will research in detail all the current advances in AI technologies in parallel with the main challenges imposed by a defense system.

Bianor’s tasks within the project are related to the following:

  • Mission planning and operational command and control (C2);
  • Design, integration, and interoperability.

The second project is named EU-GUARDIAN – European framework and proofs-of-concept for the intelliGent aUtomAtion of cybeR Defence Incident mAnagemeNt. It is related to improving cyber defense and incident management with artificial intelligence. The project coordinated by Indra aims at creating a cutting-edge, accurate, and reliable AI-based solution that operates and automates larger parts of incident management and cyber defense processes. The other partners in the consortium are Airbus Cybersecurity, Leonardo, Asseco, and Cybernetica. The consortium also involves a couple of scientific institutes and universities.

EU-GUARDIAN will focus primarily on the ability to detect, mitigate and respond to security challenges semi-automatically or automatically. It will support human operators, analysts, and decision-makers at all levels; and contribute to enhancing cyber situational awareness, military infrastructure resilience, and protection against advanced cyber threats.

The main tasks that Bianor will take care of are:

  • Overarching Architecture, APIS, and Interfaces;
  • Common principles for Collaboration & Support with different systems.

The company will contribute to the architecture and software development of a framework for mixed AI-human cyber defense and incident response suitable for either military or civilian contexts. The anticipated added value will be the integration of the algorithms of AI and the classification of data sets to increase the level of automation in incident management and cyber defense activities.

Since 2014 Bianor has been steadily growing an impressive portfolio of mission-critical defense projects. The first in the roll was NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) – a deep dive and a tester for the company’s capabilities. After the decisive success of the project, now very close to full operational capability, Bianor earned the name of a trustworthy partner to some of the most prominent names in the defense industry, like Northrop Grumman, Leonardo, and Indra. Following NATO AGS, Bianor has constantly been gaining spots in consortiums with Indra, Leonardo, Thales, the Bulgarian Defense Institute, and others. Thanks to its proficiency and highly skilled project management and engineering personnel, today Bianor is the only Bulgarian software company engaged simultaneously in several EDF-financed projects and working on upcoming ones.

About European Defense Fund
Complementing and amplifying Member States’ efforts, EDF promotes cooperation among companies and research actors of all sizes and geographic origins in the Union in the research and development of state-of-the-art and interoperable defense technology and equipment. The Fund supports competitive and collaborative projects throughout the entire research and development cycle for a bigger impact on the European defense capability and industrial landscape.

About Bianor
Bianor, one of Bulgaria’s oldest software development companies, was established in 1998. The company has evolved an in-depth specialization in developing custom software solutions in the fields of video and image processing, video streaming, real-time broadcasting, encryption/decryption of video signals, analyses, recommendations, and data transfer.

Bianor is among the very few companies in Bulgaria developing specialized reconnaissance software solutions for the Defense Industry. It has implemented comprehensive projects for NATO and EU Defense forces in collaboration with the leading Defense Industry contractors.

Besides, Bianor has considerable expertise in Testing and Quality Assurance on multiple projects for testing high-tech software and hardware solutions. Bianor has provided services to companies of various sizes and industries, building versatile dedicated software development teams.

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