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Building a Video Solutions Dedicated Development Team

If your media company or the telecom you are working for need extension of their professional capacities with video-experts, you have come to the right place.

Professional team
Bianor has a team with deep experience in video projects, ranging from RnD, development, and consultancy to MSO’s (Multi-System Operators), hardware, and software providers.

Technology focus

Bianor provides video engineering and video development services – delivering custom video solutions for both corporations and startups.
Our teams consult custom technological solutions, helping build live and on-demand streaming – covering the whole range of services: from streaming to protection, recommendation, monetization, and analytics.

Our engineers build comprehensive business engines with push notifications and transactional mail triggers, with support for free AVOD content with mediation between multiple ad networks, and many more.

You could rely on team specially built to your company’s needs and with deep knowledge in the following technologies:

  • Live streaming based on Nimble and Amazon Cloudfront
  • Distributed Search & Recommendations on Solr & Mahout
  • Servers running on Debian Linux
  • Python + Django + Nginx application servers
  • Tomcat streaming servers
  • Distributed DB on MySQL
  • High-performance in-memory caching with Redis
  • HAProxy load balancers
  • Celery task queues
  • iOS and Android

A team experienced in developing IPTV solutions

Our dedicated teams assist clients to get IPTV apps tailored for their needs, including features like transactional video on demand (VOD), subscription VOD, multiscreen, parental control per device – all developed according to specific requirements.

Bianor’s technical teams have built IPTV solutions that help advertisers receive detailed demographic data and lifestyle information about the audience. What your viewers would like best about IPTV is the ability to have customized channels, with content to their taste and interests. Subscribers to IPTV service have the freedom to pick and pay only for the channels they prefer to watch. In addition, they could avail of a wide range of additional features like recording their favorite shows or enjoy high-quality HD video content.

A team experienced in developing DLNA applications

Our dedicated professional team will help you project digital media from your phone to your TV and enjoy simplicity in playback, without cables, without dongles. We have gained plenty of experience in video streaming solutions, starting from the RND, business analysis, design, and going to development and support of live-streaming platforms like Flipps.

Bianor’s team has been part of the development of cloud-based patented technologies, that utilize the touch-screen interface of the phone for OTT content discovery and streaming pay-TV and over-the-top (OTT) video to DLNA, UPnP, AirPlay and Cast-compliant TVs, game consoles, and other connected devices.

Our engineers have been part of the development of a video streaming platform, that turns the mobile phone into a next-generation remote control compatible with over 250 million connected TV screens worldwide.

Live events support

For live video streaming – quality and smooth user experience are crucial. Bianor’s team handles network limitations (bandwidth & latency), broadcasting, p2p streaming, deals in real-time with mobile video clients, handles higher network limitations.

Our engineers have experience with device-agnostic streaming – support of DLNA, UPnP AV, Cast API, Roku API, and Airplay.

Extension of engineering and consultancy capacity

Knowing in detail most of the tips and tricks of video streaming solutions, helps us identify the proper tools and techniques needed to deliver in a timely manner and on budget.

Besides having the pure administrative benefits of having a dedicated team, like – full provision of office space, infrastructure, and administration; ability to meet tighter time-to-market requirements; flexibility of unit size scaling and reduced operations risk – your company will also have a number of long-term benefits, like increased efficiency at a reduced cost, and having a team managed by your project managers, integrated with your organizational structure.

Our Clients

  • For the world’s largest telecommunications company Bianor’s team employs a wide array of technology insight including Java Enterprise, Spring, Hibernate, Groovy to maintain and further develop the software monitoring the performance of AT&T’s broadcasting facilities.
  • For Raritan and Sunbird Bianor has built and still operates a team responsible for software development and quality assurance, and remote management of virtual and physical IT/network infrastructure.
  • For Technidata and Comptel (a Nokia company) Bianor has built high-profiled telecom services units.
  • For Intershop we have a dedicated engineering unit within Bianor – a team of Java and QA engineers.

Learn more about Bianor’s software development capacity or read about our experience in building custom video streaming solutions.


OTT Video Streaming Essentials Fact Sheet

Download Bianor’s OTT Video Streaming Essentials Fact Sheet to learn more about the five most crucial components in video streaming.