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Custom Enterprise Software Developmentcustom enterprise software development by Bianor

Custom software development provides you with three main advantages:

  1. A piece of software that fits your specific requirements precisely;
  2. A solution tailored to your existing software and hardware infrastructure;
  3. Complete ownership of the custom-developed solution.

Benefits for your organization

Indeed, counting on someone outside your organization to implement a critical for your business project is not easy. You have to invest enough time to research and find the right tech partner.

Trusting us and having the Bianor team on your side, you can benefit from the following assets:

Fast onboarding and software team, experienced in 100+ projects.
The flexibility of unit size scaling => Cost-efficient
A seamless extension of engineering and consultancy capacity with highly specialized software engineers.
Consultancy on the software architecture.
Business analysis and Technical analysis of the needs and solution recommendation.
Reliable tech partner => Expertise
The dedicated team’s structure is supported by Bianor’s in-house Software Architects, QAs, DevOps, and UI/UX. Efficiency is guaranteed by the fully-fledged QA mechanism.

Another benefit of having Bianor as a tech partner for your software development project is the battle-tested certified process that we have been applying and mastering for almost a quarter of a century.

At Bianor, we pursue the following:

  • PMP and PMBOK Best Practices
  • ISO 9001 certified by Intertek
  • Implemented CMMI Level 2 & 3 practices
  • First IT Mark certified company in South Eastern Europe
  • NATO AQAP 2110 & 2210 certified


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Dedicated development team

In the software development business, there are different methods and approaches to delivering services to the customer. Our 24+ year-experience shows that the most effective and cost-efficient concept is creating dedicated development teams. This is a team of highly-proficient engineers selected to fit your specific project requirements. All dedicated team members work exclusively for you, the same as your in-house teams.

So, when do you need a Dedicated Software Development Team?

There are three main reasons:

  1. Your project requires specific expertise.
  2. You have to meet tight deadlines.
  3. You are looking to avoid additional administration.
Specific Expertise Tight Deadlines Avoid Administration
Hiring a Dedicated Unit comes particularly handy when you have an IT project with definite technical, analytical, and business competence requirements which are not available in-house. When you face a time shortage, expanding your in-house engineering capacity with a remote dedicated unit of highly skilled professionals is a fast and effective solution. The Dedicated Development Team model is a perfect fit for established businesses looking to optimize administrative costs while improving efficiency and facilitating HR team management.


What type of services can I get from a software development company?

During the years, we have implemented a number of projects that vary from consultancy and upgrade of existing infrastructure to complete development of large-scale enterprise solutions. Bianor team has acquired vast expertise in various business domains and service specifics.

We are experts in the following professional IT services:


  • Custom Enterprise Application Development – Software development to meet the requirements and needs of the company.
  • IT Consultancy – analysis of company’s business needs and goals; proposal for software architecture; providing specifics on the time-to-market and on budget. Read more about IT Consultancy >>>
  • Software Integration – includes analysis of the currently used software technologies; well-coordinated transition; custom microservices, APIs, and data protocols.
  • IT Modernization – thorough technical analysis of legacy systems; software design and development with proven new technology.
  • Support & Maintenance – SLA (service level agreement) for support and maintenance services managed by dedicated teams. Monitoring, remediation, and management.

Technology Stack

Bianor has a successful track record of projects for Media, Telco, and IT companies. Our engineers  are proficient in utilizing a wide Tech Stack:


JavaScript, jQuery, React, React Native, Angular, Vue.js, HTML, CSS
Java (Spring), NodeJs, Python, C/C++
Amazon Web Services, Docker, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch
PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, MariаDB
Jenkins, GitHub, Bitbucket
Selenium, Cucumber, Robot Framework
software technologies


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Complete PM Lifecycle

We cover the complete project management lifecycle. We do it daily for a variety of customers working in the telco, media, and content management domains.

software technologies

Dedicated teams which fit. How?

We build dedicated software development teams that fit exactly your requirements and the specifics of the project. The simple three-step process that we follow allows us to build the proper team for your needs rapidly:

  1. Gathering requirements. Bianor’s Senior Architects and Business Analysts collaborate with your company to define the tech stack, team structure, and required infrastructure.
  2. Talent selection. Bianor has a fully-fledged in-house team of professionals, a great network of partners, and talent acquisition powers to provide the experts you need.
  3. Integrating the team. Fast infrastructure setup, with the assistance provided by Bianor’s System Administrators, DevOps, and ISO-certified processes. Agile to provide Bianor’s infrastructure and development environment or fit into your preferred systems.
Dedicated Development Team selection Bianor
Bianor develops custom software solutions for clients such as AT&T, IBM, Duracell, and Legrand. The company works mainly with customers from the IT, media, and telecom industries.

However, the broad team expertise helps Bianor comfortably meet the specific demands of clients from a variety of domains. In addition, the company specializes in delivering life-saving software solutions for mission-critical defense industry projects.

For 23+ years, we have gathered experience in designing, developing, integrating, and supporting custom software solutions. Bianor has significant know-how on users’ behavior in different business segments and software platforms. Our team designs custom applications that employ the most effective UI and UX methods and standards.

Bianor creates a persistent user experience across all devices and platforms. Keeping visual consistency throughout desktop, iOS, and Android, while reflecting each platform’s specifics is our team’s main task when building efficient UI & UX designs.

Bianor has been providing comprehensive Software Testing and Quality Assurance for more than 20 years. QA is part of any software development project that the company implements. In addition, Bianor has grown an independent unit delivering focused QA and testing services. A strong proof of the QA team’s competence is the long-term customers, such as Raritan/Sunbird. This almost 10-year collaboration confirms Bianor’s high-level proficiency in Software Testing & Quality Assurance.



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