Artificial Intelligence Analytics and Marketing Automation System

An intelligent solution for a sophisticated, self-learning CRM



“Work smarter, not harder.”

“Work smarter, not harder” is a saying that perfectly describes the approach and the solution to a project Bianor implemented for a North American customer. The Client represents an agglomeration of various websites in different industries.  Our Client’s network was handling massive traffic of regular members and new visitors, signing daily to either subscribe for a service, purchase a product, read news and reviews or ask for additional information and support.



The major problem our Client faced was that they hadn’t been able to structure their database correctly. As a result, they were struggling with ineffective communication. Many people who had opted to receive notifications with news about relevant products and services, promotions, milestone emails, surveys, etc., were not contacted on time. The bottom line was that the Client was systematically losing active and potential customers. The solution was to build a system that generates efficient campaigns and delivers them properly.

Thanks to a project we had recently completed together, our Client was well aware of Bianor’s expertise and capacity in designing and building complex systems using the latest technologies. As a result of the previous experience between the two companies, communication was natural and easy. We skipped the first steps of getting to know each other and building trust. Obviously, the faith was already there, and it was up to Bianor’s engineers to develop an intelligent IT solution for a sophisticated, self-learning CRM.



Based on the information provided by the Client and an in-depth business and technical research and analysis, Bianor’s team offered a three-step solution:

1. To design a smart database that manages the customers’ base and transactions and monitors their interaction and behavior.

2. To create a reporting system that will generate advanced statistics to help the Client evaluate and better understand the operations.

3. To create an automatic CRM system that will send out targeted and relevant information via email and other avenues to previous and new customers that have opted to receive it.

The solution’s architecture allowed each module to work as a stand-alone application. This approach empowered the development team to deliver the modules one by one and put them into operation while working on the next. This concept of modules proved to be very beneficial for the Client because it provided the first new functionalities in just three weeks. This delivery allowed the Client to run the module in a real environment and give feedback to the development team. Once all three modules were ready, they were set to blend into a single system and complement each other. The last detail of the project is the utilization of big data and AI (artificial intelligence ) to predict future market behaviors, trends, and tendencies. This feature will grant the Client a critical competitive advantage.


Technology & Challenges

The major challenge in this project was the adequate selection of technologies. In this case, we decided to go with Node.js and MySQL. There was a great chance to over-engineer the design following early unnecessary optimizations. Finding the right balance between functionality and efficiency was the key to not overengineering the project – the end product needed to be manageable in the context of the Client. Our approach was to create a solution that would be easy to support and give our Client freedom and independence.



According to the Client, thanks to the mutual trust and the high competence of the team, the result exceeded their expectations. According to Bianor’s Project Manager, the positive outcome is due to the open communication channel. On one side, the Client had precise requirements; on the other, they were available to listen to and follow our technical ideas. According to the Client, the feeling of working with close and trustworthy friends is crucial for success.

The distance and the different time zones have not been an issue for the project since the communication has always been reliable and effective. Many productive online meetings favored both parties. According to the Client, working in the global community is now the new reality for most entrepreneurs and an advantage to finding the best IT solutions for business. “The speed of worldwide communication is faster and more effective than ever. It allows for rapid growth and removes bureaucracy altogether,” concludes the Client.

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