EDIDP EU Defense Industrial Development Programme

Reconnaissance Video and Still Images Processing (RVSIP).


The European Commission published EU REGULATION (EU) 2018/1092 for EDIDP, effective 10 August 2018, as part of the implementation of the European Defense Action Plan.

The regulation foresees that in the two years 2019-2020, the program would have a budget of €500 million, with plans to increase this to €1 billion per year after 2020 announced by the Commission in the Communication on launching the European Defense Fund.


Research and development feasibility study for a full-scale software system for processing images and videos from drones, satellites, airplanes, and radars (the ability to extract metadata/telemetry information from streams and convert it to engineering data structures suitable for further analysis and aggregation). Such a system is a must for operational information integration and management of the battle space.

Acquired Capabilities and Desired Impact

Acquired capabilities:

  • Assist commanders with situational awareness and their management of the battle space;
  • Tactical combat communication and information-sharing capability
  • Establishing interoperability between the various systems used by European nations and fusing joint ISR data and information

The desired impact is to define the framework/inputs for:

  • Implementation of capabilities to decode and analyze raw data from state-of-the-art sensors;
  • Processing of ISR data from different sources in a unified software system;
  • Analyzing past events and predicting future events;
  • Sharing and exploiting data about moving and stationary targets.

Scope (complete information about the project proposal)

RVSIP feasibility study is structured alongside the major subsystems:

  • DCFE (Data Communication Frontend);
  • DDDS (Data Dissemination (to an external third party) and Distribution (to internal subsystems) System);
  • MTMR (Mission (activities with start and end)) and Task (permanent activities) Manager);
  • DPRB (Data Processor Block);
  • SSYS (Storage System);
  • OWS (Operator Workstations).

edidp graphic

Interoperability and Connection to other Projects

The owner of the military assets providing reconnaissance data and the users of the software system will summarize basic requirements. Then the shares of the parties will be defined and completed. The framework of the minimal SW Development cycle will take place. In terms of the Capability Development Plan (CDP) 2018, RVSIP is intended to provide capabilities according to the list of priorities in Information superiority >> Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities.

  • In terms of the EU Capability Development Priorities (Art. 14 of EDIDP Regulation)
    (b) Information management and superiority and C4ISR cyber defense and cybersecurity
  • Tactical combat communication and information sharing capability (Priority: Information superiority/Tactical CIS)
  • Space-based situational awareness solution (Priority: Space-based Communication and Information System Services (CIS)/Space situational awareness.

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