Multi-screen Digital Media Delivery

We power the Flipps digital platform for video discovery and multi-screen delivery via instant cast-to-TV functionality.

flipps case study


The Flipps mobile app turns every smartphone into the ultimate streaming stick compatible with 350M connected TV screens around the world.

Top broadcasters around the world trust Flipps for streaming their content to connected viewers worldwide including Showtime, CBS, Bloomberg and IMG.


  • Cloud TV solution with advanced content discovery engine
  • Unique tap-to-TV casting over WiFi
  • Out of the box support of 7,000+ TV models and media consoles


  • Flipps delivers quality entertainment to the large screen TV from a mobile device without additional hardware.
  • Flipps converts the phone into a portable set-top box, allowing users to stream online content to connected devices.
  • Users media, preferences, and subscriptions are available anywhere, at any time, on any screen.
  • 15M+ registered users


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OTT Video Streaming Essentials Fact Sheet

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