Effective DevOps & Integration

Shorten time-to-market and improve efficiency with a proficient DevOps & Integration team.

Let’s talk about efficiency

Progressive Evolution

We are living in a fast-paced environment where software solutions development is no longer a one-time shot but an open-ended process of ongoing enhancement. Meeting customers’ demands requires constant improvement and utilization of new technologies. This process is where DevOps & Integration steps in to help. For DevOps, there is no end-state but continuous evolution.

DevOps and Agile Unity 

Bianor was among the pioneers to adopt the DevOps philosophy for better communication and collaboration between the software development and the operational teams. In fact, the company has always been upholding the importance of effective internal communication. The rapid endorsement of the DevOps approach became possible thanks to Bianor’s culture of open communication and the largely utilized agile software development methodology.

DevOps Services to Empower your Performance

Assessment & Planning

Bianor’s DevOps engineers assess the present status of the client’s IT infrastructure and the application potential. Based on the assessment, they design a roadmap to visualize the target state. The plan includes integrating powerful security mechanisms and creating a fully automated environment. The key metrics to track performance are selected.

Integration & Delivery

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) creates a series of automated workflows to eliminate manual tasks. CI automatically builds, tests, and integrates code changes. CD automatically delivers code changes to production or deploys them directly to the customer. CI/CD allows faster development and greater stability & reliability.

What Are The Benefits of Choosing DevOps Services?

Reduced time-to-market

DevOps teams deliver faster, more often, and with higher quality. Thanks to streamlined software delivery, they can build, test, and provide software with automated tools.

Effective collaboration

DevOps philosophy is based on efficient communication and ongoing collaboration between developers and operations teams. This approach saves time and leads to greater productivity.

Improved security

Security is integrated into the CI/CD pipeline. It is built into the solution by adopting regular security audits and testing into the agile development resulting in a more stable and safe product.

The Tech Stack

software technologies
  • Code Management and Continuous integration: Bitbucket, Git, GitHub, GitLab, GitHub
  • Build: Jenkins, Gradle, Maven
  • Container Management tools: Docker, Kubernetes; Amazon ECS
  • Continuous Testing: Selenium, SoapUI
  • Configuration Management: Ansible, Terraform
  • Cloud Platforms: Amazon Web Services
  • Analytics, Monitoring, and Logging: Graylog, Grafana, CloudWatch, ELK Stack
  • Communication: Slack, Microsoft Teams

The Result

Bianor has an extensive portfolio of various customers worldwide. The company’s main objective for all these projects has always been to create and deliver outstanding, effective, and reliable solutions. DevOps philosophy has contributed immensely to Bianor’s performance and outcome in every endeavor.

Some of Our Clients

logo ATT

Some of Our Clients

Duracell logo
logo ATT leonardo

Effective DevOps & Integration Case Studies

DirecTV case study

AT&T – DirecTV Quality Monitoring

Employing a wide array of technological insights to enhance the software monitoring of AT& T’s broadcasting facilities.

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A1’s IPTV Service Optimized for Mobile

Cross-platform IPTV service for TVs, PCs, tablets, and mobile phones offering interactive video over fixed or mobile broadband connections.

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Digital Audio-Visual Conservation

Development of a solution for the US Library of Congress, annually processing five petabytes of audio-visual materials.

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