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During the last 23 years, Bianor has faced multiple projects from various industries, dealing with startups and large corporations. This background helped the company accumulate an immense amount of expertise both in technological and business matters. The company know-how makes our IT consultants confident in handling any business and engineering case.

Whether you need to develop a new system or update and migrate your legacy software infrastructure, Bianor’s IT consultants can help.

1. Comprehensive analysis of your current IT systems

Bianor’s IT consultants scrutinize the complete customer’s software infrastructure and perform exhaustive analyzes of its assets, disadvantages, and hazards.

2. Strategic planning and advisory on system optimization

Based on the analysis, the team creates a tech-driven digital strategy to keep the system intact with contemporary technologies and boost customer productivity.

3. Design of IT systems upgrade and enhancement

Based on their vast experience, the world’s best industry standards, and contemporary technologies, Bianor’s experts lay out the project to improve software architecture.

4. Delivery and integration of intelligent software solutions

The company’s software development team implements the project design to realize the full potential of the customer’s IT infrastructure and optimize its software portfolio.

5. Management, support & ongoing system improvement

Bianor’s engineering team collaborates closely with the customer to ensure the proper administration and maintenance of the upgraded software system.

6. Regular system audits and enhancement suggestions

The periodic system reviews prove to be a practical approach to maintaining a fully functional system responding to customers’ operational needs.

The Technologies

Thanks to the fine selection of tools and technologies, upgrading to cloud systems, migrating data, replacing legacy systems, and bringing in advantaged technological solutions become possible. Bianor’s IT consultants utilize a mixture of battle-tested and cutting-edge technologies to enhance customer capabilities and make the IT infrastructure more flexible.

  • JavaScript, jQuery, React, React Native, Angular, Vue.js, HTML, CSS
  • Java (Spring), NodeJs, Python, C/C++
  • Amazon Web Services, Docker, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, MariаDB
  • Jenkins, GitHub, Bitbucket
  • Selenium, Cucumber, Robot Framework

Real-Life Expertise

Bianor’s IT consultants are leading experts in their fields. They apply best practices based not just on their robust academic and theoretical competence but on their real-life experience implementing complex technical upgrades and optimizations for leading companies around the Globe.

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The Result

Bianor’s team makes it possible for small- middle-sized, and large companies alike to meet the challenges of the fast-changing technological environment. Fixing or upgrading the IT infrastructure to enhance efficiency, optimize workflow and increase operational capabilities are the results of Bianor’s expert IT & business consultancy.

Expert IT Consultancy Case Studies

case study sunbird

Software Quality Assurance for Sunbird DCIM

Provision of extended engineering capacity and QA to Sunbird DCIM, a leading data center management solutions provider.

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Quality Assurance and Consultancy

QA services for a hardware manufacturer for data center power distribution, remote server management, and AV solutions.

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Library of Congress Case Study Banner

Digital Audio-Visual Conservation

Development of a solution for the US Library of Congress, annually processing five petabytes of audio-visual materials.

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