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Secure an impeccable operation of your complex software system, IT solution, or application by trusting a professional QA squad.

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Deeply-Rooted Expertise

Bianor has provided comprehensive Software Testing and Quality Assurance for over 20 years. QA is part of any software development project that the company implements. In addition, Bianor has grown an independent unit delivering focused QA and testing services. A strong proof of the QA team’s competence is the long-term customers, such as Raritan/Sunbird. This almost 10-year collaboration confirms Bianor’s high-level proficiency in Software Testing & Quality Assurance.

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Covering the Complete Testing & QA Spectrum

Manual Testing

Manual testing provides honest human feedback on a product’s user interface, usability, and workflow coherence. It proves the software’s consistency on various devices, screen sizes, resolutions, and operational integrity in multiple situations and conditions. In manual testing, the engineer’s broad experience is essential to spot vulnerabilities and provide in-depth analyses and recommendations, not just about technical amendments but the overall look and feel of the product.

Automated Testing

The automated testing follows a pre-scripted manual, specifying the expected results. This forecast allows the QA engineer to determine whether or not the product behaves as expected. The automation runs a comprehensive list of scenarios and checks software performance on various platforms in parallel. A well-written test script and proper automation tool choices make the Quality Assurance process more efficient and accelerate the software development project as a whole.

Bianor’s QA engineers are involved in each phase of the software development – from the initial assessment until the product release.

1. Software Design Reviews

Bianor’s QA engineers attend the software design review to gain the project’s scope, review the requirements and propose enhancements and optimizations. This approach delivers a more comprehensive requirements list and compliments the overall project outcome.

2. Test Plans Development

The QA team works in synergy with the management and the development teams to create the test plans. Once the requirements are broken into user stories (groups of requirements), the QA engineers plan the testing process. Here they decide which testing tools (manual and automated) are the most convenient for the project.

3. Test Designs Development

During this stage, the QA engineers assign the teams to the user stories, aiming to respond to all test cases – covering main functionalities, edge cases, performance tests, and best practices in GUI. The phase finishes with test design reviews to analyze and amend the test designs if needed.

4. Test Execution

The test execution starts with creating the specific test environment – hardware and software setups. Bianor’s QA engineers’ vast experience allows them to work independently without additional sysadmin support. They set up, integrate and administrate all required servers and virtual or/and real test machines.

5. Triaging Issues

Triaging issues is a regular phase during which Bianor’s QA team reviews the list of identified concerns and determines if they need further development. If bug-fixing actions are required, they are specified and assigned to the development team. The agile process utilized by the QA unit facilitates such back and forth communication.

6. Sprints Retrospectives

The development and testing processes in Bianor are distributed in sprints – four-week periods. Each sprint contains several user stories that have to be completed. Every sprint finishes with the so-called sprint retrospective. The retrospective is a review during which the team evaluates the performance and proposes optimizations if needed.

The Technologies

Bianor’s QA team utilizes industry-standard manual and automation testing tools to deliver the utmost precision in testing and quality assurance. Our QA engineers are ISTQB certified. Their excellence guarantees rigid verification & validation in compliance with IEEE STD 1012, Level 4.

  • JavaScript, jQuery, React, React Native, Angular, Vue.js, HTML, CSS
  • Java (Spring), NodeJs, Python, C/C++
  • Amazon Web Services, Docker, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, MariаDB
  • Jenkins, GitHub, Bitbucket
  • Selenium, Cucumber, Robot Framework

The Result

The result is rapid delivery of supreme quality software, matching the complete list of functional and non-functional requirements and bringing the utmost satisfaction for the client and the end-user alike. The proof is the long-lasting customer relations providing QA services for IT solutions utilized by industry leaders like Vodafone, T-Mobile, AT&T, IBM, HP, Visa, American Express, P&G, and Unilever.

Software Testing & QA Case Studies

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Quality Assurance and Consultancy

QA services for a hardware manufacturer for data center power distribution, remote server management, and AV solutions.

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Development of a solution for the US Library of Congress, annually processing five petabytes of audio-visual materials.

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