User Experience

Immersive Viewing Experience
Device agnostic, multi-screen viewing experience with machine-learning powered content discovery.

Streaming User Experience - Bianor


The ability to tailor the viewing experience to the individual user, such as through personalized recommendations, custom playlists, and user preferences. This involves utilizing data and analytics to understand user behavior and preferences.


The ability for video content to reach a wide audience across various devices and platforms. This involves optimizing the platform for compatibility with various devices and utilizing technologies such as cross-platform apps and APIs.


The ability for viewers to discover new content via features like recommendations, search, and trending videos. This involves utilizing data and analytics to suggest relevant content to viewers.


Support involves providing assistance and troubleshooting for viewers who encounter technical issues or need help using the platform or content.

Covering the Entire OTT Lifecycle

Bianor’s video streaming applications provide smooth and flawless digital adventure at every stage of the content distribution lifecycle, both for the operator and the spectator.