Video Processing

Data processing for optimization of OTT content delivery

Video Processing - Bianor


Encoding is the process of preparing video content for streaming by compressing and converting it into a suitable format. It involves adjusting settings such as bitrate and video codec to optimize the video quality and reduce file size.

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Transcoding is the process of converting video files from one resolution to another. This can be necessary to ensure that the video can be played on a wide range of devices or to optimize it for streaming over the internet.

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Ingestion is the process of uploading or transferring video content to a streaming platform or service. This can involve converting the content into the appropriate format and organizing and preparing it for distribution. Ingestion may also include metadata and other information about the content.


Video cutting involves editing video files to remove unwanted sections or to combine multiple video clips into a single file. This is an important step in video production, as it allows creators to create a polished final product that meets their vision. Video cutting can also be used to create shorter clips for use on social media or other platforms.

Covering the Entire OTT Lifecycle

Bianor’s video streaming applications provide smooth and flawless digital adventure at every stage of the content distribution lifecycle, both for the operator and the spectator.