Revolutionizing Aerospace ISR with Global Aerial Intelligence Application (GAIA)


Enhance security opps

In an era where aerospace intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) operations are integral to global defense and security, the need for advanced, integrative technology solutions has never been more critical.

The challenge of processing, analyzing, and disseminating vast streams of data from state-of-the-art sensors and platforms, such as the Global Hawk surveillance drone or High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS), demands a solution that is not only robust and versatile but also seamlessly interoperable across various standards and systems.

Bianor, leveraging its deep expertise in software development and system integration within the defense sector, introduces the Global Aerial Intelligence Application (GAIA), a groundbreaking solution designed to elevate ISR operations to new heights of efficiency and interoperability.

Introducing Global Aerial Intelligence Application (GAIA)

GAIA is engineered to overcome the multifaceted challenges of modern ISR operations, providing a comprehensive platform for the fusion, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence data. With its advanced processing capabilities and adherence to NATO interoperability standards, GAIA ensures that critical intelligence is accurately processed, securely shared, and promptly delivered to decision-makers and operational forces.

GAIA’s Core Features

Advanced Data

GAIA transforms STANAG 7023 images into accessible formats (e.g., RGB, JPEG, TIFF), while expertly extracting and visualizing STANAG 4069 metadata for integration with Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Comprehensive Communication Suite

Supports a wide array of communication protocols for both airborne and underwater operations, including proprietary and NATO-standard comms, facilitating seamless drone-to-ground and cross-domain data exchange.

Robust System

Incorporates best software engineering practices and standards such as NAF v4, EA, and IBM DOORS, alongside MIL-STD-498 for system specifications, ensuring a solid foundation for reliable system development.


Designed for full compatibility with NATO STANAGs and civil standards, GAIA supports a broad spectrum of data formats and communication profiles, enabling fluid integration within joint and coalition environments.


Advanced customizable AI modules for sophisticated object detection and analysis are tailored to meet users’ unique requirements and preferences, enhancing mission effectiveness and operational awareness.

Transforming ISR Operations with GAIA

GAIA’s comprehensive capabilities are set to redefine the landscape of aerospace ISR, offering unmatched benefits across a variety of applications:

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

For platforms like the Global Hawk, HAPS, and Satellites, GAIA significantly improves data processing and intelligence dissemination, streamlining ISR operations.

Joint and Coalition Forces Empowerment

Facilitates real-time, secure, and interoperable communication and data sharing across diverse systems and national assets, crucial for collaborative missions and exercises.

Cutting-edge Analytical Tools

Employs advanced AI & ML technologies for real-time object detection, target acquisition, and situational analysis, delivering actionable intelligence to decision-makers and field-deployed personnel.

Why Choose GAIA

Stands out as a leader

in aerospace ISR solutions with its comprehensive approach to data processing, system interoperability, and AI-driven analytics.

Versatile and robust platform

capable of navigating the complexities of modern surveillance and reconnaissance operations.

Empowers defense and security forces

with the intelligence they need to make informed decisions swiftly and confidently.

Embrace the Future of ISR with GAIA


the unparalleled capabilities of the Global Aerospace Intelligence Application (GAIA) and take your ISR operations to the next level.


in a new era of intelligence, where data becomes insight, and insight becomes operational superiority.


Bianor today for a demonstration and embark on a journey to revolutionize your aerospace ISR capabilities with GAIA.

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