Video Streaming Solutions

Bianor helps Telcos, media companies, and content providers to develop impeccable, broadcasting, live video streaming and video-on-demand distribution solutions.

Our Expertise

Over the last 15 years, Bianor has earned deep expertise in developing software solutions for video/image processing, video streaming, live broadcasting, and video-on-demand distribution to any given platform and any device.

Whether it is a TV screen, smartphone, or tablet – we can reach it and provide a flawless user experience. Thanks to our know-how, we offer more than just video software solutions. We provide valuable business consultancy for monetization of your digital content distribution.

Our Customers

Bianor’s customers range from successful start-ups that turn into popular distribution platforms (such as FITE, Flips); major telecoms looking to offer and monetize live TV and Video on Demand services (A1 Telecommunications  – A1 IPTV ) to leading Defense Industry contractors (Northrop Grumman – NATO AGS) implementing large-scale projects.

We see no small or big companies, but challenging new projects that further advance our know-how and provide added value to our partners.

Our Approach

We work with our clients on a case by case basis and tailor our offerings according to their specific needs. We communicate closely with our partners to discern their goals and meet and exceed their demands and expectations.

Bianor does not provide off-the-shelf packages but carefully molded individual video solutions based on its expertise. We always aim at delivering on time and providing an excellent return-on-investment for our partners.


“Bianor designed and delivered video streaming software. The project had to adhere to high mission-critical requirements for quality, speed, and reliability.
Bianor’s team of developers and customer relations are great to work with, highly professional, and diligent at their work.”

Franco Berretti, NATO Programmes Program Manager at Leonardo

Whether you need a simple video player on your website or a full-range enterprise solution for your business, we can build it from scratch or customize our proprietary live video streaming platform according to your needs.


Bianor’s live video streaming solutions are able to handle massive peak traffic with the extreme reliability of 99.95%.

Virtual Infrastructure 

The virtualized delivery infrastructure has been battle proved in powering the world’s largest premium live events.

Responsive Architecture 

Our direct-to-consumer live and VoD digital solution offers an automated dynamic backend and streaming scalability.

Flexible Customization

We modify our video streaming solutions to fit the specific customer’s requirements and respond to their exact demands.

Full-dress solution

We provide a complete service from setting the infrastructure with a single-source OTT distribution to flawless UX.

All-screen Support

Our video streaming solution offers an unprecedented reach and user experience to any given TV screen or mobile device.

From Content to Experience

Bianor’s video streaming solution provides smooth and flawless digital adventure at every stage of the content distribution lifecycle, both for the operator and the spectator.


We conduct video processing, media ingestion, and content management via our pre-built architecture or implement specific custom integrations. 


We perform smart market analyzes and grow your audience, implementing various tools like camping automation, user re-engagement, SEO.


We can monetize your content distribution by the implementation of PPV or subscription-based purchases or via integration with AD platforms.


We distribute the content to all stationary or mobile platforms and devices, ensuring the highest readability and automated scalability of the solution.


We provide a friendly UX with live community interaction, immersive viewing experience and machine-learning personalized content discovery.

Stream Live with 99.95% Reliability and a Bullet-Proof Team


Live PPV events per year


Simultaneous Live Streams
with linear server upscaling


Managed Video



Video Streaming Case Studies

We Partner with the Industry Leaders to Guarantee Optimal Streaming Experience for Every Viewer: Anytime, Anywhere!