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In today’s fast-paced digital world, the defense industry, civil security sectors, and media broadcasting face a common challenge – synchronizing video streams with metadata in real-time. This synchronization is crucial for applications requiring high precision and real-time data accuracy, such as target tracking, surveillance, and live broadcasting. Traditional methods have struggled with delays and inaccuracies, leading to the need for an innovative solution.

In environments where every millisecond counts, the delay between video streams and corresponding metadata can have significant consequences. Whether it’s guiding precision weaponry or monitoring secure facilities, the reliability of data transfer is paramount. The existing standards, including STANAG 4609, still need to address this need fully, resulting in synchronization delays that compromise the effectiveness of critical operations.

Integrated StreamSync (ISync)

Bianor presents a groundbreaking solution: Integrated StreamSync (ISync). This innovative approach redefines synchronization by combining video and metadata into a seamless stream. ISync leverages advanced hardware and software integration to ensure real-time accuracy and reliability, setting a new standard in data synchronization.

ISync’s Core Features

Unified Stream Technology

Merges video and metadata streams to minimize synchronization delays in real-time data transfer for defense and civil applications..

Hardware-Software Synergy

Utilizes programmable modules for real-time data embedding, ensuring flexibility and high performance.

Visualizer & Analyzer Applications

Offers intuitive tools for comprehensive stream analysis and visualization.

Seamless Interoperability

Ensures compatibility with existing and future standards, including STANAG 4609.

Redefining Data Transfer Operations with ISync

ISync’s versatility and efficiency make it a valuable asset across multiple sectors:

Defense and Military Operations

Enhances surveillance and precision-guided systems, providing reliable real-time data for critical decisions.

Civil Security Systems

Improves monitoring and response times for infrastructure and border security through accurate real-time surveillance.

Media and Broadcasting

Elevates live broadcasting with synchronized metadata, enriching viewer experience with precise information.

Why ISync Stands Apart

Data accuracy and reliability

Unlike traditional synchronization solutions, ISync addresses the core challenges of real-time data accuracy and reliability head-on.

Scalable and flexible solution

Its innovative approach solves the synchronization delay issue and offers a scalable and flexible solution adaptable to various applications.

Synchronized and accurate

ISync’s unified stream ensures that critical data is synchronized and accurate, enhancing operational effectiveness and decision-making processes.

Join the Synchronization Revolution


ISync’s potential with its unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and versatility, ISync is set to transform how industries synchronize their video and metadata streams.


how ISync offers a comprehensive solution to meet the demands of real-time precision and accuracy in defense, security, or broadcasting.


more about how ISync can revolutionize your operations. Contact us today for a demonstration and see how to make the first step toward flawless synchronization.

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