Executive Team

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ι Went through various positions at the company – from Quality and Administrative Manager to Chief Dream Team Officer

Ι Deep understanding of the IT business

Ι In-depth awareness and passionate advocacy of Bianor’s culture of transparency, work ethic, trust, and open communication

Ι 17+ years with Bianor and the group

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Ι Solid academic background – Master’s Degrees in Informatics and Industrial Management

Ι More than 14 years of experience in various business domains

Ι A software engineer with a background in the Telecom sector

Ι A Team Manager with comprehensive expertise in complex OSS/BSS software solutions for Telco service providers

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VP Sales

Ι A sales and marketing expert with over 20 years of background in IT, software development, and all things IPTV

Ι Significant expertise in application development, content acquisition, advertising, footprint and distribution, expansion through mobile devices, OTT platforms, STB’s., Android, cable TV, satellite TV, etc

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Managing Director Bianor Inc. (US)

Ι Master’s Degree in Computer Science and more than 20-year experience in developing technology solutions

Ι Background as a VP Operations of Cemtrex; Product Manager at Raritan; VP Operations at ISS; Director of Product Development at Intelligent Digital Systems

Ι Several patents and patent applications

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Ι An accomplished accountant professional

Ι Considerable expertise in Business and Financial Analyses

Ι A solid understanding of the IT business environment

Ι A team leader with exceptional time and people management skills

Ι 15+ years with Bianor

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Ι 3+ years enhancing the company’s online presence and strategic partnerships as Business Development Officer

Ι 8+ years growing Bianor’s customer base as Sales Manager

Ι 15+ years in developing trustworthy partnerships with Bianor’s clients as an Account Manager

Ι Living with Bianor’s most precious values – loyalty and a strive for excellence

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