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We build and deliver video streaming services across the entire OTT life cycle

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Covering the Entire OTT Life Cycle

Bianor’s video streaming applications provide smooth and flawless digital adventure at every stage of the content distribution life cycle, both for the operator and the spectator. We can build or customize any OTT-related service to fit your specific requirements.

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Video Streaming Life Cycle

Download Bianor’s white paper to learn more about the five most crucial components of video streaming lifecycle.

Selected Video Streaming Case Studies

OTT Platform Case Study

Advanced Video Streaming
TV Platform

The essentials in modern OTT video
streaming platform development for a large
TV & media broadcasting operator.

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Premium Live
Pay-Per-View Streaming

Support and maintenance of FITE TV
– a leading OTT live-streaming platform
delivering content to 300+M subscribers.

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A Complete OTT Platform for Nova Broadcasting

The OTT platform provides a 24/7 live stream of four TV channels and video-on-demand services to over 200k active users.

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