Video Content Monetization

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Video Content Monetization - Bianor


Transactions involve the process of enabling and processing payments, such as subscriptions or pay-per-view purchases, for video content utilizing various payment services like PayPal, Stripe, in-app payments, etc.

Geo Fencing

Geo-fencing involves restricting access to video content based on the viewer’s location. This can be used to comply with local regulations, limit access to inappropriate content for certain regions, or provide region-specific content.

Ad serving

Ad serving involves the delivery of targeted ads to viewers based on their demographics, behavior, and other factors. This can help ensure that ads are relevant and engaging to viewers while maximizing the revenue generated from advertising. Ad serving can be done through ad exchanges.


Video subscription models charge viewers a recurring fee for access to content. This can effectively generate revenue while providing viewers with a consistent and reliable source of high-quality content. Subscription models can be used for various content, including movies, TV shows, and educational content.

Covering the Entire OTT Lifecycle

Bianor’s video streaming applications provide smooth and flawless digital adventure at every stage of the content distribution lifecycle, both for the operator and the spectator.