Bianor Develops a Comprehensive OTT Video Streaming Platform for Nova Broadcasting Group

SOFIA, Bulgaria, Jan. 20, 2022 – Bianor, the Sofia-based developer of Over-the-top (OTT) video streaming solutions, is working on an extensive video streaming project for one of the largest multi-platform media and technology companies in Bulgaria – Nova Broadcasting Group (NBG).


Nova Broadcasting - Bianor Logo

Nova Broadcasting Group delivers digital video content – news, sports events, film series, and TV shows to its audience in Bulgaria and around the Globe. The company already has a successful history in distributing its content via the two portals Nova Play and Play Diema Xtra. However, NBG’s devotion to perfection and requirements for easy modification and fast provision of new features urged the media company to partner with Bianor. The software streaming expert has been hired to develop a proprietary streaming platform that will bring added value to NBG’s audience while introducing a modern and flexible streaming infrastructure to the media.

The video streaming solution developed by Bianor for Nova Broadcasting Group accommodates a complete OTT platform, including the administrative back-end and the user’s interface. The new platform serves both portals Nova Play and Play Diema Xtra. It provides a 24/7 live stream of the linear programs and an on-demand watching of content from NOVA, Diema Sport HD, Diema Sport 2 HD, and Diema Sport 3 HD. The streaming platform runs smoothly on any modern web browser or native Apple iOS and Android applications and ensures excellent usability and ease of access. 

The end-users can already enjoy the latest features such as user profiles with push notifications and watch later options. Continuous play across multiple devices is a very convenient feature that allows the users to continue a previously initiated stream on the same or different device when logged in with the same profile.

While delivering a flawless user experience on the front end, the new streaming platform allows effortless administration of the back end. The OTT platform provides sophisticated content management with smooth media ingestion and adaptive bitrate encoding for optimal delivery. The system offers easy ad management and secure monetization. It includes Digital Rights Management (DRM) functionalities to protect the content owners and Multilayer Analytics and integrated marketing tools delivering a better user experience. 

“Bianor’s overall background and particular know-how in building OTT platforms and video streaming solutions made them the excellent partner for this compelling project,” said Dirk Gerkens, Nova Broadcasting Group CEO and United Media Director of Programming, Production, and Advertising Sales. “We are truly delighted by the high level of competence and responsiveness of Bianor’s team,” added Gerkens.

“We would like to thank Nova Broadcasting Group for trusting us for this important project,” said Ivan Dimitrov, CEO at Bianor. “We are pleased with the high proficiency of NBG’s technical unit, which hugely supported us in delivering this OTT streaming platform. We sincerely believe in the future progress of our partnership with Nova Broadcasting Group,” added Dimitrov.

Dedicated to delivering video content and more excellent user experience, Nova Broadcasting Group continues working with Bianor to enhance the OTT streaming platform and continuously develop new and more attractive features. The audience will encounter more appealing functionalities while keeping easy access to their favorite movies, TV shows, film series, and leading sports events such as the top European football championships, Formula 1 Grand Prix, NBA, and others.


About Nova Broadcasting Group
Nova Broadcasting Group (NBG) is one of Bulgaria’s largest multi-platform media and technology companies. It comprises 10 TV channels, including national NOVA TV, NOVA NEWS, KINO NOVA, DIEMA SPORT HD, DIEMA SPORT 2 HD, and DIEMA SPORT 3 HD. Part of NBG is Bulgaria’s largest online platform, NetInfo, with a reach of over 80% of the local internet audience. The group also operates four radio stations.

Nova Broadcasting Group (NBG) is a subsidiary of United Group (UG). UG is the leading multi-play telecoms and media provider in southeast Europe, providing customers with a full range of telecommunications services. It has the broadest network coverage in the region and offers customers an unrivaled selection of content, from local offerings to the best choice from across the globe.


About Bianor
Bianor is one of Bulgaria’s oldest software development companies, established in 1998. The company has evolved an in-depth specialization in developing custom software solutions in the fields of video and image processing, video streaming, real-time broadcasting, encryption/decryption of video signal, analyses, recommendations, and data transfer.

Bianor is among the very few companies in Bulgaria developing specialized reconnaissance software solutions for the Defense Industry. It has been implementing comprehensive projects for NATO and EU Defense forces in collaboration with the leading Defense Industry contractors.

Besides, Bianor has considerable expertise in Testing and Quality Assurance on multiple projects for testing high-tech software and hardware solutions. Bianor has provided services to companies of various sizes and industries, building versatile dedicated software development teams.