Advanced Video Streaming Platform for TV

A contemporary streaming platform goes way beyond just serving video

Video Streaming Platform 

The broadcasting environment

The competition in the modern media broadcasting market is severe. On the one hand, the broadcasting companies are fighting for the audience. On the other hand, they contend for advertisers. Audiences and Advertisers are like communicating vessels. The larger the audience, the more generous the advertisers. More advertising money leads to more compelling content attracting a greater audience. The ongoing tourney among the content providers makes them even more inventive in reaching wider audiences. Cable and satellite distribution are no longer the only choices. They are not even the first choices. Over-the-Top (OTT) solutions have already become a standard in the distribution of digital video content.

The modern OTT

Nowadays, we have reached the point where just using an OTT solution does not bring any advantage to the content provider. One has to use a solution that makes them stand out—a flexible, customizable, and user-friendly solution for both the audience and the back-office staff. Although the market does not lack a variety of OTT service providers, the truth is they cannot respond to all customer requirements. When purchasing or subscribing to a ready-made OTT service, the content provider would need to sacrifice something from the long list of desired features and functionalities. In that case, the answer is a proprietary streaming platform.

Custom solutions

Flexibility and swift time-to-market (TTM) are the keys. It is not just about streaming content anymore; it is about providing an experience. The audiences are not contented with the smooth streaming anymore. They require a personal attitude that caters to their specific demands. Such personalization is only possible via a custom video streaming platform. The ability to offer new features and better functionalities explicit to your audience makes the content provider stand out. This is what Bianor provides to its customers – the privilege of having a proprietary platform that can be tweaked and adjusted according to their and their audience’s needs.

Real-life case study

Such was the instance with a large European media broadcasting operator that contacted Bianor to develop a couple of custom video streaming platforms to suit their needs perfectly. For years, the media company has been using a prominent streaming provider’s services, offering high-quality broadcasting, distribution, and monetization services to respected global brands. However, it seems to be not enough for our client’s management. They were looking for independence, flexibility, and rapid implementation of new features to deliver live and on-demand digital content to the audience.

The proprietary streaming platform

The video streaming solution developed by Bianor is based on a proprietary streaming platform. Bianor has utilized it in several high-demand projects, including the premiere digital network for global sports and entertainment – FITE. The custom video streaming solution ensures excellent usability and ease of access. It provides a 24/7 live stream of linear programs and an on-demand watch of older content. The streaming platform runs smoothly on any modern web browser or via native iOS and Android applications. While delivering a flawless user experience on the front end, the streaming platform allows effortless back-end administration. The platform provides easy management and serving of the ads, essential for keeping the audience’s streaming service free.

Major streaming platform features

The platform ensures extreme stability even on high-volume operations while providing the best video delivery QoS – 96/100 Mux video rebuffering score and the industry’s best live streaming quality unaffected by traffic volume. The platform is designed for scalability and reliability and uses multi-datacenter, multi-CDN distributed deployment, auto-scaling, and full redundancy. Secure stream delivery is ensured by end-to-end encryption performing cloud encoding, transcoding, and packaging. The platform provides a broad range of supported formats and adaptive bitrate encoding for optimal delivery to any device on any network. It simplifies and optimizes the content delivery path, thus guaranteeing fast and high-quality streaming regardless of the viewer’s location. The adaptive bitrate optimizes delivery to any device on any network.

While some of the features and parameters listed above could be valid for some ready-made streaming solutions, the complete set, scalability, and ease of modification are particular to Bianor’s video streaming platform. For example, this project’s first stage is limited to building a platform that delivers only free content to the users and sustains only via monetizing the advertisements. The platform will go further for the second stage of the project that Bianor implements for this customer. It will offer user registration and paid content on a pay-per-view (PPV) or subscription-based approach. As the first platform, the second one will be accessible via any modern web browser and mobile applications for iOS and Android.

And more…

And this is not the limit. Upon request, Bianor can upgrade the platform and offer various features to cater to an even better user experience. Such could be a smart content recommendation engine or a flawless stream from mobile to any connected TV. The platform could offer intelligent analytics for the content providers via integration with GTM, Google Analytics, GMP, Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Adjust, and Firebase. In addition, Bianor can implement custom data collection and clickstream analysis. The platform could offer various anti-churn and viewer growth tools.

As we already said, it is not about smooth streaming anymore; it is about impeccable user experience, which goes way beyond just watching a video, and the content providers do realize it.

OTT Video Streaming Essentials Fact Sheet

Download Bianor’s OTT Video Streaming Essentials Fact Sheet to learn more about the five most crucial components in video streaming.