Agile and Waterfall Frameworks in Clients’ Favor

Processes are business routine, especially after being more than 20 years on the market of software services and having worked on more than 300 projects.

Agile and Waterfall process blog post

But what makes Bianor special then?

It is the resilience of the teams:

  • We have great experience in working on start-up software projects, where consultancy matters and where agility is of crucial importance.
  • Our teams also have in-depth experience in collaboration on large-scale defense projects, where upfront analysis and development reliability is what matters most.

To put it short, Bianor has the rare advantage and the insight of applying both Agile Methodologies and Waterfall Models.

Working within Waterfall Framework:

Bianor has been building software solutions for the government since 2009. Some of our clients are Maximus, Library of Congress, NATO.

During the five years of international collaboration on the NATO AGS project, besides having the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate, Bianor has been regularly audited according to its NATO AQAP 2110 & 2210 certification, we have also acquired NATO Secret company clearance.

Building a software solution with strict defense purposes required following the Waterfall Model. At the end of each milestone, we produced not only a software module but also strict documentation, which served as a basis for kicking-off the following phase.

The great benefit for the project and respectively for the stakeholders was that all the requirements set for the system were met and during system development, there was no deviation from the identified goals.

Bianor had a clear perspective on what is being required and what the expected outcome must be. Before starting coding, Bianor developed overall module architecture, all module components, and their interdependencies were identified and described.

For the stakeholders it was an advantage to have:

  • a solid basis for transparent product costs,
  • risks, and
  • schedules.

And for us, it was a big plus to have:

  • clear visibility on goals,
  • milestones,
  • and to have the opportunity to work in a well-balanced international team with
  • clear roles.

Working within the Agile Methodology Framework:

Bianor has amassed the experience of building video solutions since 2004. Most of our video projects have been based on the Agile Methodology, as they required:

  • lots of research and development,
  • dynamic requirements management process,
  • project flexibility and
  • quick time to market.

Our clients have been particularly content with the fact that they can rely on close, daily cooperation, regular calls and meetings, open problem resolution, and project transparency.

What proved successful, was the use of a handy set of concise documents, that track communication, change requests, and delivery, thus assuring that all team members and project stakeholders are on the same page.

At Bianor, we mainly use Jira to provide transparency to the project for both parties. Our dev teams apply Git version control, they have also incorporated daily testing into the development process and automated build process. Developing a video platform is a demanding project. It requires keeping track of many variables.

Our team guarantees successful delivery by ensuring system health – through unit tests, continuous integration and integration tests; transparency – through regular and timely communication with the client and the stakeholders; agility – through development team open and courageous discussions and brainstorming.