Bianor Hosted an EU-GUARDIAN Architecture Workshop

The event was part of the project coordinated by the Spanish defence industry leader Indra and financed by the European Defence Fund

Sofia, Bulgaria, 10.10.2023 – Bianor Services organized and hosted the first technical workshop under the EU-GUARDIAN project. The event took place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Sofia on the 26th and 27th of September and welcomed participants from several European countries. The international team worked on the spot and via a live stream, confronting the current architecture design with high-level requirements to refine the model.

EU-GUARDIAN Workshop group
“It was a pleasure for us to welcome our partners in Sofia. We are glad that the event resulted in a highly productive session with a great professional and cordial atmosphere,” said Toshko Punchev, VP of Defense Solutions at Bianor Services.


“Proud of the highly committed team that made this technical workshop into a success in a pleasant environment fostered by Bianor. A suitable match for the EU-GUARDIAN consortium to deliver meaningful outcomes towards a better European Defence,” said Marco Antonio Sotelo Monge, Expert in Cyber Defence at Indra and EU-Guardian technical coordinator.

Rosanna Crimaldi Leonardo


“The technical meeting hosted by Bianor had ambitious objectives and highly effective outcomes: a very good example of implementing EU Defence cooperation,” added Rosanna Crimaldi, Project Manager – Cyber & Security Solutions Division at Leonardo.

The EU-GUARDIAN’s objective is to create a European framework and proofs-of-concept for the intelliGent aUtomAtion of cybeR Defence Incident mAnagemeNt. The project coordinated by Indra aims at creating a cutting-edge, accurate, and reliable AI-based solution that operates and automates larger parts of incident management and cyber defence processes. EU-GUARDIAN focuses primarily on the ability to detect, mitigate, and respond to security challenges semi-automatically or automatically. It will support human operators, analysts, and decision-makers at all levels, enhancing cyber situational awareness, military infrastructure resilience, and protection against advanced cyber threats.

The partners in the consortium are Indra, Airbus Cybersecurity, Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology, Bulgarian Defence Institute, Cybernetica, Leonardo S.p.A., Università di Roma La Sapienza, and Universidad de Murcia.


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